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I Followed her in the train

Most of the love journey starts in train.

A girl in the train, reading an abstract novel, strikes an overview with a guy with an intransitive look, a keen noticeable remark to start a conversation. Hey, are you Nepalese? Yes, with excitement. Wow, it’s so good to see native people around, seems you are a very nice person with a great sense of humour.

Co-incidence is Never Possible.

“3 weeks Ago”
Stalk to Meet, (The Start)

In the busy life of Australia, a follower follows his crush every day escaping his schedule. How beautiful the love is or some intentional reason behind this effort, It was one winter morning when everything started. As I had always seen her picture but never had met her in real life or in person, this opportunity was the possible chance to know about her more closely. The morning journey starts with the first siren of the train which is about to take off starting the first service of the day after relying on the corner for the complete 4 hours, a fresh blossom can freshen you with a natural bloom. 4:57 the track has to go further along the way to reach my first destination, Flinders street (city) in short. 37 min travel time and a good half an hour power nap can make you fresh enough to start your day, but your blur sight might make few obligations, which can be escaped by a good coffee. 5: 43 my next stop to reach, as she catches the train at 6:34 every day unless the train doesn’t get delay or have a replacement. It has actually been one of the best mornings of my life when you get a glimpse of the person you loved and the effort that brings cheers and progress. The confusion arises when you realize I was really happy just because I saw her, or the plan, I had subjected really worked out. I confined myself to a very tragic situation. Which one was most exciting? Finally, I saw her, not just saw but also travelled on the same train. Unluckily, I couldn’t make it to the same seat but got a spot to check her out continuously. I saw a mid-aged Indian man starring her (creep), I couldn’t get rid of that guy because he was making so irrelevant distraction, no sooner she realized about that creep and moved her sight away from the phone and watched windows views, slowly people started getting off the train including that creep. We were still, 3 stops away from the destination, why not take the seat beside her maybe this can work, or I would look-alike creep, or may the passenger with the same destination with romance break. I took my bag off and the jacket as it feels quite warm inside the train, I decided to ask her, does she minds if, I seat near her. I’ve heard, it actually makes an impression on girls. Yes, please with a beautiful blush. An imagination that can take you to a different level of feeling and that feels way better than you feel in real life. And realize yes, she is the one which makes you happy rather than the plan you had subjected. It was only the way to reach her, always dream about your destination, not the situation you get on the way.

This is only an imagined synopsis in which moral that you don't need anything to be happy instead imagine what you desire, something that is beyond your reach. (Syc Eboi)


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