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An Absurd Theory About Time.

Time has a very strong connection to everyone's life no matter what situation you go through, Well the situation is also a close narration related to time itself, So basically we are talking about something which has Strong value to describe your Life or a journey you traveled all along with in the Time in General, So by the time you read until here, you traveled your fraction moment!!!! Perhaps you can go back and read again from the beginning, but Moment differentiates your travel and it's gone (That you might realize now). Everyone has a specific Time to walk through throughout their life, So Why something valuable is Absurd, to define this I will walk you through your own definition, of how you define time?

What is Valuable to you Time, Money or Neither?

If you Value Time you have a perspective to see more closely to your Present state of the situation which most likely does affect your Future on how relevant step you choose but Expectation Might be Harmful, Well if you choose money you make a choice to live in the Future state as money gives you hope and expectation to define your situation better then your Present, where Past make no concern but a lesson to make it work better but it takes time to Expertise your situation better, Similarly if you choose neither of it then you are either an exceptional or a Carefree in a sense you have nothing to worry about you choose something that stumbles you and looks for an answer to your unsolved question, You believe everything in your life is just a part that is destined to experience thoughtfully or unthoughtful

(applies on both), Just like Einstein walked all his life into the time looking for its definition, a question that stumbled all along his journey, it is an exception to prove something beyond his control, but no matter if he lives or dies he is a paradox, His name and values will travel all along forever. Hence, he derived it very simply. Time is all about how you experience it within your situation.

How does the Time Differentiate within your Situation.

If you were asked to put your hand in Burning Coal for 5 minutes, That 5 minutes could feel like an Hour. Likewise, if you go on your first date with someone you admire and you spend 5 hours, which you might feel like 5 minutes, So which Situation describes the Time better, It's just a state of mind on how you define and Value time.

It's basically a chain transition to Past, Present, and Future. If you get stuck within the transition of your journey then it would be a little unpleasant experience, You can't hold any of it besides getting hopped from one to another, and more you hop the moment is gone and trying to live behind is nothing but Stupidity. Contd



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