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The Dark Night - Nolan's Batman Trilogy (Part 2)

Joker also the Main potryale opposing Batman into the Sequal "Dark Night. Nolan had given a simple narration on defining both the character and their power, That if batman holds the power above the jurisdiction for a good motive, then it ultimately develops the vision of same portrayal of Joker but by bringing chaos.

My previous blog explained, How Bruce Wayne turned into batman, this would be the narrative to its next part chapter Dark Knight, which signifies the portrayal of the new Villen and a few additional characters in the Movie,

If you havent read the previous Blog please visit,

Just like batman, Joker is devoted to strong principle but in opposite ethical spectrum.

Which creates an opposite equilibrium with the theme into the movie,

But what was the real strength of both Joker and Batman?

Well we know the story of Bruce who turned into Batman, A billionaire figure, equipped with advance weapons, counseled by Alfered and Fox two mighty genius and trained by Rasalgul him self, but Why Joker still fills the position of the most dangerous Villain Portrayal ? Is it because of Physic behaviour or his appearances. None of them Justifies it better,

Nolan “figures” Joker character as Brilliant Man with, who have mastered himself to show people exactly what they wanted to see, knowing their weakness and quality of manipulating and use corruption as his greatest weapon, he use people evil mind to harm against people which is of course the reality of todays world, so what was Joker real Motive for chaos ? Its because (Alfred video) He thinks human being are nothing but selfish, crazier than him. he follows the great ancient strategy to win over people, known as Chanakya Niti. Which he have implemented in many different scenes.

Sham : To advice and Ask which was shown as,

This was his very first and friendly meeting to all the Mob (City Crook) advising them to turn against Batman, But this meeting wasnt very covinient to all the participant, his every words were mocked and titled him as a freak.

Dam : To offer and buy which was shown as,

Since Gotham was narrated as corruprt city he ulitilies and used it as a biggest source of his strength (Corruption and Manipulation), as he call himself a agent of chaos.

Dhanda : To punish which was shown as,

When things doesnt go as what he planned, which doesnt exist. A guy with no plan who creates connection into people with his manipulation verse, if people dont agree to his thought, then just ready to die.

Bhed : Exploiting The secrets

Exploiting the secrets is the best way to turn your enemy into your enemies enemy, you only have to co-ordinate both of your enemies to turn against each other.

Nolan also contrast the vision of an ancient hindu philosophy especially.

In hindu Mythology it is distinguished that there are 3 worlds, Which is very relatable.

Dharti lok
Patal lok

Dev lok (Heaven Where God lives) is the peaceful and powerful estate just as Wayne figuring Bruce wayne who hold every possible power in the City,

Dharti Lok (It's Referred as Earth) is to be Considered as Gotham significantly character Dent (Who have figure of 2 different character)

Patal Lok (subterranean realms of the universe)where all the crime lies, (The world where Joker Exist) No name, no history, no identification. Who at some point does not exist into this world.

This is a point of prospective which some how relates the theme of both story and narrative of philosophy, which is also very relatable to outlook the modern day situation. Please view the video below for more reference to Dark Night. (Analysing the Movie Theme of Nolan's Dark Night)



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