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The Outbreak

Nimesh just spoke a word, whenever he gets a call back from his mom he never fails to receive it, But recently he looked very depressed and Unpleasant, I always assumed he had work stress, which is normal within this city. But today I was confronted with something very unusual, basically, if he has been dealing with too many problems once at a time.

We usually meet at a tea stall, not a typical and authentic what you figure on your mind, but similar experience, It is a grocery store, a Machine-made tea delights and Spare Cigarette, Now that gives an authentic feel. The pub-g guy who surveillance the store and manages customer service would nod all the time into the phone, Pub-G seems to be a real game here. He is a lean and tall, black complexed, bearded fellow, Mostly speaks few words, His accent usually been misled and sound more swaggy, But fun to talk.

I looked at Nimesh he had been yawning for almost a third time now,

How many hours did you sleep last night Nimesh, I asked.

He looked at me and 8..hhhoooouuurrssss… he was still Yawning for the fourth time while saying 8 hours,

I looked very fresh, it's just a routine I assume,

I grabbed each tea with 2 sugar and went off for a smoke.

How often do you talk to your Family?

Nimesh, I have known him for a couple of years now, we came in the same year, and I met him at the University, he even helped me find a new job, While I was struggling. He is a very hardworking person, he usually gets busy on the weekdays unless it's Monday.

Well, every eye has a different vision, Experience and Problem. Everything in this world has a solution, besides stupidity.

He took a puff of his cigarette and a long sip of Tea,

Sometimes, he replied.

I looked at him and asked, So how’s life what's happening?

Well, this question isn’t an authentic feel like Cigarette and Tea, this is more hell of a question, to explain every second and minute you spend in this Big city? What might have happened for the last 6 days,

Let me explain, How many different experiences you would have on the same day?

You have an early morning shift at 6:00 am, and you have a strict boss who doesn't like someone being late, This is a very common and usual story anyone could explain, but this is an experience, You missed your Alarm, woke up 25 minutes late, But anyway you need to make it up at time Ran for the train station only washing your face, Stinky Mouth and Scrambled clothes. With all that situation, you made it to the station. You feel relieved until you hear an announcement saying, Train services have been cancelled please proceed for the bus replacement service. Now at that moment, you realise, You fucked up.

You chase an Uber, and now hope you won't be very Late, so here we are not only talking about being late, it's on not being very late.

An Indian Fellow Greets, With

Uber for ,,,,,,,,

Yes, ....

And with that little greet, He continues his phone conversation. With a very mild voice. You could listen to everything from behind, he sometimes looks through the Reverse Mirror on the Top, and slower his voice. Time’s Ticking. Everything can be escaped but not the traffic, especially when the Vehicle you were travelling would cause huge traffic, This Guy just hit a scooter,

Now the situation is being Late - Very late - getting fired, this is what you would have experienced in the Morning, Just assume how many experiences you might have in the last 2 Months?

He released the Smoke of the puff,

Well not too bad. He replied.

His expressions could explain the whole story, But I could only guess, Also there is no point to ask If he doesn't want to say,

But he broke a word, I lost fucking $8000,

I was stunned for a sec and asked him? $8000 how?

I never realised he was deep into Gambling, and the only thing he could focus on Right now,

His Mindset and his own Character is a real game, He always worked hard and chased for money, Valued and understood it, but the reason he would gamble is not that he loves spending money or assume himself being lucky to win every time, But that EGO and attachment with the Poker Machine that he has lost a couple of times Unless that machine doesn't satisfy him with the fortune he could gather, This would never end.

So basically you are trying to play and deal with Machine, and Your ego which stuck with this stupid money, which he few stupid blindfolded believed on gaining fortune and Receiving back his Money.

I was at Pokies last night?

I never knew you play Poker? Is it just yesterday you’ve lost, The whole thing? Or it was ongoing for quite some time now?

Now I understand the Real, Pain he was suffering about, But usually, it's his own choice of Action.

People can never change, the only thing that changes is compatibility on the understanding of What is Right and What is wrong. At this prime age of 25, you need to understand either you should drop everything and Satisfy your Ego or Keep chasing and Ruining for it and spend everything you make out of slogging your arse for 6 days,

You can think about it,



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