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The Urge on Social Media.

Social media has brought massive changes to the current world, Its evolution over the last few decades has transposed the living and lifestyle of human civilisation, Mostly conceptual.

Conceptual because it varies on the perspective of its use, It's usually very addictive and initially attracts you to drive into a Comfort zone, but some gain fortune and Tag a face into their timeline for life. So is it worth getting through? Usually depends on how you get through with it.

Well From my point of view social media is a platform to initiate your skills and upgrade its perception and use for the days to come. Usually, it's transverse.

Besides Social Media, Financial stability is the key factor that people talk about and are more concerned about these days, Invest money and remain financially free, While it's a wise approach, Investment isn't always comparative to money, it's the resources you have invested yourself into. Skills that last with you forever and never fails, while rest everything is temporary it has a purpose of the limited offset which is never constant,

Let me give you an example from my experience, the only thing I've learned precisely most important is Patience and Consistency which our anxious mind doesn't hold onto, as Nepalese, we need everything instant. Throwback in 2014, I did had started my youtube channel which initially motivated and helped me get along on finding related content, creating and uploading with whatever resources is available, but the best resources you could have is Skill and your thinking mind, but it's useless if you can't control being patient and consistent, which you think is a failure but great things take time to build,

Similar in terms of Investment, you have invested your time trying to build and learn new skills (Not Finance) but it does have the same format, Back in the days when Bitcoin was released it did had the same story, but its Market stimulation had patience and consistency on building its worth, which now results in the pure Value it acquires.

The Painting that was made by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century is worth nearly a billion dollars today, he might have never imagined he could go this far, he just did what he loved and continued building his skills and innovating new ideas, Skill is a big investment than your college degree because your ID can only represent your name, but no one but yourself determines your true character.

Be passionate about what you seek, do what you love that makes you happy.. and stop scrolling.

Because small things can/will bring big changes in life (SYCEBOI).



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