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Empathy and Compassion

My Apparent situation could lead me to anxiety and the consequences could lead me to suffer into many big challenges, but Yes it’s a fact I wasn’t aware of the situation whether I would behold to be either motivated and inspired or let my feelings be on a sorrow which neither could be obliged for what had come across, feelings Are underived it delivers the fact about the life that an inexperienced would be on a raw to follow up With that I mean

"Relation is hard to maintain",

But the big question stumbles in everyone mind and so did I, would be why you choose something hard. Well, answer to this question is simple

"Relation starts with feelings and slowly it turns to a mind game and we hate mind games and manipulation"

the feelings differentiate into many conclusions and perception from each to their Narration, The scenario Narration and perception are never similar if it does make no difference then with the conclusion it’s confirmed you found your Soulmate

The impression contrast while meeting in person. Its the first catalogue which enhances your expectation and excitement, Some Relation starts by a reference a distance entangle and hence true feelings as you need someone to cover up your memory, It was a very straight forward resolution, You share your feelings but never shared your expectation which comes to a big conclusion when you want to stand out in one phase of tolerance and that conclusion is the end to your story, with this you learn,

“Nothing is permanent, You can’t control someone feelings, Your action will decide the presence of your relation.”

Getting into the fact about this adverse methodology, I will diversify with a narration. Two sides of perception for individuals. which differentiate with both Empathy and Compassion to love.

4 days since we last texted, I never thought this would stimulate to a point where I was left with no choices, she has already concluded the story which has nothing to narrate further instead would be left in a pause or either eliminated, For her It might have been a hard decision to make but I had left no choices instead that seamless conversation felt nothing but just a pain which was hard to either believe at first, secondly be convenience and later to overcome. Getting over was hard but realising about the fact was my first lesson and happiness was to let her go which I concluded later and was because of my choice of action.

About her, She was kind, pretty, Gentle, Simple, Matured and humble with countless and never-ending applause I could derive, she accomplished this relation to set things with her vision and future but things didn't go accordingly instead she has to chase after things which could be set easily, (7 billion people in this planet why would you engage and run after 1 person who doesn't appreciate you're well being,) that was her viewpoint which my action defined, In this world full of chaos, You look for happiness and satisfaction with your choice and decision which doesn't match your requirement instead drag into apprehension.

But feelings differentiate into two factors opposing equally, it’s the conclusion you made with your point of a scenario without knowing what I might be feeling (which doesn’t make any sense) instead realized about the two reasons why relation doesn’t last long and end undefined. First is either you are not interested and second, you are interested but couldn’t express the way your partners wants to feel and I was the second one. She expects changes that don’t happen in flashes, it takes time to adopt and in this prime stage, it’s even harder. 25 years of my life I have been a different person and because we lasted for few months, Why do you Expect a change, that’s what I felt before, but now I realize it’s a fact she was right we need to change with time but setting up things how you want is a very different thing is it imperative to love how you are or love changing how you are but I will change for the purpose of my own well being not to execute someone, like wise the relation was important and so do was meeting you because with every segment of this journey I learned about life, relation and the maturity, you can’t let some one fall for you, but in fact, you can learn from mistakes and use to make it better instead simply Learn and move on so with this you will know what kind of person you are chasing for (but there was a hope I could make this better) I feel very alone, it was perhaps very early to get used to with but besides my inner feelings I should sort the real challenges.

Feelings could diversify later.


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