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Understanding Nolan's Batman Trilogy (Part 1).

The Dark Knight has been one of my Favourite movies in the Superhero Genre, from past decades many batman movies were made, Besides which the only difference is Nolan took a challenging step by reviving the story into modern days situation, where rest was only configuring the strength of a Character, Bruce Wayne turned into Batman, Qualifying more about his strength. While Nolan executes the true version of Gotham City and the reason why Batman Exist.

The Batman Trilogy is the sequel transition theme of the Dark to Light version of Gotham City, where he puts a close insight about a boy who turned into Vigilante, because of outlawed justice and unbalanced system of the City. Though being a Billionaire and Most powerful man, He figures how chaotic is the outside world where crime and corruption was the main base of Gotham, which totally match into the recent situation of the world. Nolan made very clear about not projecting the Superhero theme instead showing the Dark existing chaotic reality of the city which for-most requires to be cleared within the system, when the system fails to expertise into action then Batman originates,

Prominent Screenplay and the strong characters are what made this Remarkable Movie, Though the Story is about Batman, it connects with many different characters which help him (Portrays true identification and the theme of Batman) either it is in negative or Positive aspects, Batman en-light the rays of justice which few believed, few relied on, and few were against. He was in favour of serving justice above the law and Jurisdiction, this is an old-time Mythological concept of serving justice. (Such as Roman History).

I will explain Nolan’s Storytelling of Batman Sequel into my understanding.

The Trilogy is made into 3 sequels, which explains how it starts to how it ends?

  • Batman Begins

  • Batman (The Dark knight)

  • Batman Dark knight rises

Batman Begins

Batman Begins is itself an introduction of its origin, about how it begins? Most importantly how Bruce Wayne turned into Batman.

In Batman Begins, Nolan has broken down 3 different versions of the story, which characterise 3 different scenarios, Connecting 2 different Characters (Batman and Bruce Wayne) with 1 Place which they exist(Gotham), which holds the lead position of the movie, and rest of the actor (Support actor) who supports each (Lead position) situation. I know its a bit confusing, I have made a chart to make you understand better,

The lead character includes,

Bruce Wayne

At the beginning of the story, the greatest fear of the Character Bruce Wayne was drawn. He fell into the deep well-shaped cave which has an existing dark world, A sum of bats flew upon Bruce, there he discovers his life biggest fear, Bat that represents Dark.

When his parents were murdered by a street thug, the young little Bruce was left orphaned with guilt which he lived all his life until he realised the real reason for his pain, anger, and hopelessness.

These are the characteristics Nolan describes Bruce Wayne and narrated that if a person has a will to control all these feelings, and master them, then you can be anything they wished to be. Also shows how you use them and how it makes a difference. (We will come back later into this). But it wasn't so easy for Bruce to discover all these within his life, Since he was the son of the richest man in the city,

He went into a long exile, travelled all along to know about criminology, he discovered about fear before committing a crime and a Thriller of success. He realised, what he really fear was inside himself (Fear of his own power, anger and drive to do great terrible things) so before he could fight against justice and avenge his parents he needs to fight his fear.

On his Exile, Bruce met Henry Ducard, A assassin head from the lead of shadow, who trained Bruce and help him to win over his greatest fear and turn into his strength, Nolan has plotted every situation to characterise the transmission of two characters, Bruce Wayne who failed by the Justice and Batman who exist to fight against Justice. So Henry Ducard is the gateway for these characters transmission.

Finally, Bruce has passed all the hurdles to be positioned as the leader of the shadows army and fight against injustice, But their way of serving justice is what Bruce feared the most because he believes "Commitment of Justice is not be an executioner, instead of fight against it".

Nolan confronts the first Villain portrayal, showing both Bruce and Henry having similar visions but different paths ways, Bruce wants to fight against justice for Gotham, while Henry wants to Destroy Gotham, (A similar Concept we can see about Guruji in Sacred Games) So with the understanding of his vile thought, Bruce escapes Burning down his whole place but saved his life as an owner of gratitude for showing him the right vision and understanding of life.

Supporting Actors for Bruce Wayne (Lead Character)

As for Bruce Wayne, there are very few and least characters who has actually supported its lead theme,

Alfred is a Wayne Family Butler, essentially a father figure to Bruce he raised him after the death of his parents. Supports and Motivates him with everything and guides him to maintain his Portrayal as Bruce Wayne( Wayne Legacy) and Bruce Wayne (Batman). He initially helped Bruce to become a Batman. But Alfred always cared about Wayne Legacy to be maintained until Future, While Bruce Believes in serving justice as Batman. Later, Alfred Understood his main purpose of life that legacy won't entitle if there are people left to endure.

Rachel (Katie Holmes) was Bruce Childhood best friend from a young age. Her mother worked for the Wayne family on their property. She is also among the ones who want to stand in the favour of Justice for Gotham, She was an Assistant District Attorney also a hard-hitting Alligator, Its Rachel who made Bruce realise about, "Commitment of Justice is not an executioner, instead of fight against it" when Bruce was very Desperate on Killing his Parents Murderer in the Court, Which at some point Grace has indirectly inspired Bruce to origin Batman and know about Bruce at the end. Bruce begins to reveal that he is in love with her and she becomes the protagonist's romantic interest

Nolan Characters Lucius Fox as the most important allies of Bruce Wayne, He was also a research head and a friend of Dr Thomas Wayne (Bruce Father) who was demoted by Wayne Enterprises CEO, William Earle to overseeing the supplies of Wayne Enterprises' aborted research projects and prototypes in the Applied Sciences Division. Which he later helped Bruce with all the Gadgets and advance tech to become Batman.

Ra's Al Ghul, Played by Liam Neeson is the head of The League of Shadows a secret organization that seeks to bring down the great cities that have descended into filth (in his opinion) to rebuild from the ashes. He trains Bruce to become a warrior and ultimately Batman. But the two become enemies when Bruce refuses to tear down Gotham City, his home with The League of Shadows.

So these Supporting actors hold a very major aspect in representing the lead character (Bruce Wayne) It's also a transmission of character from Bruce to Batman, they are equally helpful and influenced the origin of Batman.

The Batman

This is the other portrayal of the Character Bruce Wayne, Since Nolan wanted to show the real version and Origin of Batman, it is very clear and determining with the transmission because its nothing supernatural but the utility of Modern Science and Technology, source of Gadget that Batman Received which he benefits through the character Bruce Wayne with his Billionaire figure.

After he was long gone for 7 years, Finally returned Gotham from his long Exile, Alfred had already declared him dead, Later he surprised everyone with his sudden appearance, and decide to Work on the structure of Batman, Bruce requested Richard Earle who was the current CEO of the Wayne Enterprises to offer him a job at applied science division, Where he met Lucius Fox who was a mentor and also Gadget guy for Bruce Wayne, Who later also became the CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

Nolan Sets two different appearances of Batman. First, when he executes himself to Gasp little attention to Mobs and Corrupt officers also Maintaining the relation with Loyal and Honest officers to help act law and system justice to action. Secondly, it's continuing his previous loop with the Villan portrayal that was created as ( Ra's Al Ghul) which later tied up into the same situation but different perspectives and Motives for Gotham, It is most likely confronting the similar strength of Both Positive and Negative characters. This narrative is also the original theme of the whole series which has a divert ending (Which is connected to Dark Knight Rises).

So, Nolan has connected all the situation loop with an individual character, Such as Crime connects Mobs - connects- Corruption (Corrupt officer) - Justice (Batman) (Ra's Al Ghul).

Supporting Actors for Batman (Lead Character)

Gotham city is very connected with Bathman including other supporting actor in both Positive and Negative role, Out of few Supports Batman (Lead Character) which includes.

Jim Gordon is a Detective with the Gotham Police Department Played by Gary Oldman. He is a man that can be trusted amongst those who are on the take from Falcone, including his partner. Batman goes to him and finds an ally in Gordon who helps him to fight crime and The League of Shadows in Gotham City.

Except for Jim Gordon, all three other associated (Sub-Actors) knows the originality of Batman.

Dr Jonathan Crane(Cillian Murphy) was a psychiatrist, who conducted experiments on inmates and used an Identity known as Scare Crow who was also indirectly involved in the Ra's Al Ghul plan for Destroying Gotham. Also was the Crime influences and Law escaper in Gotham.

Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) is a mob boss in Gotham City. He's believed to be responsible for Bruce's parents being murdered. He has a high level of influence over city officials and police as he buys their loyalty. Bruce wants to kill him but doesn't. Eventually, as Batman, Bruce can hang Falcone out to dry.

Later when Batman knows the Fact of Ra's Al Gul, who have planned to toxicate entire Gotham city with the poison made with Purple Flower, Extenguised by Dr Crane, who was also the main person behind this Fasad instructed by Ra's Al Gul. He wants to bring justice by executing and eliminating people and starting from Ashes, By far Batman won the war with his limited resources and support, which Nolan shows that it's just the Begining journey of Batman (This is stimulate to extend chaos in the City). If Batman holds the legacy of Justice, Then he have to face the consequences of people who are rigteous to Injustice, Crime and Chaos)



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