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15 March, 2021

A relation can be split with feelings when you found someone closer to your other half, sometime being in relation makes you realise this is not enough you wanted to feel about. So what sense does it make, it's simple you look for your other half to balance your feelings, Have you ever felt how it feels when you fall in love. How empathetic this world seems to be, Well (If your relation varies with feeling it doesn't make any romantic moment, you could recap, Instead would chase onto something that would be precisely more notion.) So this is my Story of unconditional love into the unconditional situation, which could only exist in my memory.

Sydney is actually a big city, I haven't explored much around the city. The only place I could remember was either Central or the town hall, which sound and designed similar to the structure in Melbourne. Well, they say opportunity comes to your door if you are capable of undertaking the risk, What Risk possibly it could be? Drawn behind financially or slogging your arse looking for long hours. Sometimes I think what difference do we really make living in a big city, looking for an opportunity or diluting your hard work onto someone fussy who acts as a broker and divine your effort to make a profit, (For themselves). Well, you are capable to understand and stand for your situation with your flourishing state of mind, but it's your choice to either get into the Pit or jump over. Before you could jump into the Pit you never realised about someone to somebody for something, well it's the feeling of course and this connects me with the city while you need something to overcome while you in the Pit.

If you travel across the City station you have 3 stops that could loop around the City, Since I knew about the first two (Central and Townhall) the third one arrives and it's Wynyard, I could never know about this place unless someone made me realise, which is now have been one of my sweetest memory, We trespassed by the bay and that cool breeze looking into the Skyscrapers and planning to travel in fairy someday which never actually happened, that 20 min was something which I always felt should never stop, Time is very unconditional and very unfavourable with your situation, sometimes we want to pass away quickly as possible but sometimes we just want to freeze the moment and frame it forever, By this, we learn the value and power of time. It started with the first 40 Min phone call, 2 strangers designated with work factor as destined. A worshipping name beautiful heart and Hardworking, of course, her energy could possibly bring a gold medal for a Country, That's what I always told her.

Being alone is hard but having someone and still feeling alone is worse, Maybe I was in the only situation to level her stress 1 step beneath from worse to bad but never realise I would end up making it Worse to Worst. That is the reason why I call it a very unconditional situation. Contd....


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